Become a hacker on a mission to save the world from malware and cyber attacks.

H1.Jack is a mobile game that game that gives you the intensity and rush of compromising systems.

What makes our game special?

Thousands of visually unique enemies.
Our monsters are procedural generated, meaning there will be tons of unique malware, apps and systems to hack.

Each game is different.
Each player will have their own set of battle levels, also generated in a procedural way. Can you find the most optimal way to hack them?

Our story and skills are inspired by real life events.
Even though this game is “just a mobile game” we wanted to put some educational value in there as well. The story and hackers skills are inspired by real life events and tools.

Upgrade your Hacker Hideout
Turn your hideout into a real first class hacker space. Invest not only in first class work space but also in a nice & comfy bed to regain your stamina. You are going to need it!

Develop your hacking skills
Invest in yourself, gain new techniques to fight the increasingly stronger enemies.

Game will be released in Q1 2020 on iOS

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