H1jack is available for free on both Apple Store and Google Play

After several months of radio silence, we’re finally happy to announce that H1jack is available for free on both Apple Store and Google Play. Despite the pandemic, development delays and fire fighting for other projects, we have finally managed to polish the game to the point that a public version can be released. If youContinue reading “H1jack is available for free on both Apple Store and Google Play”

We’re looking for Beta Testers

Some may have thought that we forgot about our hackers-themed mobile game, but the truth is that the project is finally getting to the finish line. The small team working on H1.Jack has made significant changes and tweaks to the game during the past months. We are excited to announce that H1.Jack is already inContinue reading “We’re looking for Beta Testers”

CODE: Picking the right game engine

Why did we choose Unity? Are there better options? The answer is really simple. We’ve been working with Unity since the very start of our company. The engine has its quirks and issues, but it’s really flexible in terms of multi platform deployment. Not to mention, it’s also free and has a large and dedicatedContinue reading “CODE: Picking the right game engine”

Blog post #2: Bug Bounties – cyber hunting for hackers

We, the gamers, love to earn achievements on Xbox or trophies on PlayStation. We can spend many hours earning a particular achievement and chasing that sense of satisfaction. We do it because we want to prove our skillset and we obviously love to impress others. Best Example? The Mile High Club achievement in Call ofContinue reading “Blog post #2: Bug Bounties – cyber hunting for hackers”

Blog post #1: How It All Started

The story begins in April of 2019 and it begins with… a tweet. That’s right. We got in touch with @Doyensec through Twitter.  Back in April I got inspired to open ourselves up to the idea of working with an external partner. Luca, who was following me for several months on Twitter, sent me aContinue reading “Blog post #1: How It All Started”