We’re looking for Beta Testers

Some may have thought that we forgot about our hackers-themed mobile game, but the truth is that the project is finally getting to the finish line. The small team working on H1.Jack has made significant changes and tweaks to the game during the past months. We are excited to announce that H1.Jack is already in a decisive phase of development. We can’t wait to show our game to everyone, but before that, we need some early adopters that will help us polish the mechanisms and tune the balancing of the battler phase.

We are looking for people who are interested in testing the beta version of H1.Jack.

What are the requirements?

  • iOS / Android phone
  • Dedicating at least 30 minutes to the game
  • Sending over written feedback via a survey, within 2 weeks from the invitation  

What is the reward?

Most active beta testers will receive free coupons for the final version and be listed in closing credits

How to sign up?

Do you have any further questions? Please email chris@cobble.games

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