Call the Cavalry!


In today’s blog entry we are giving you a bit of insight into the developer’s workshop by showing you some of the tools and 3rd party plugins being used during H1Jack development inside the Unity engine.

External tools and Applications

Working with the Unity Engine gives you a lot of flexibility and opportunity to use existing tools that have been provided by some 3rd party developers and Unity Technologies itself. 

The engine helps us save some time and also gives us access to a large community of developers and resources.

Throughout the creation of H1Jack we decided to use several commercial plugins to accelerate the entire development process. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. 

Disclaimer: Plugins mentioned below are commercial assets which we have bought and used in our game. We are not in any way connected with the authors of those plugins. 

uMotion Pro

Rig and Animate 3D models inside Unity Editor

Even though professional animators mostly use other tools to animate 3D models – tools like MAYA or Blender, you may still want to create or modify animations inside Unity Itself. uMotion Pro is able to auto rig your humanoid model which then can be animated by using bones provided in the tool editor. 

i2 Localization

The i2 Localization asset is a great way for developers to provide an easy to use tool for text editors and translators. You just need to configure the tag lines for all the texts in your game and then connect it with an external CSV file that later can be filled out by different language versions.

Easy Mobile Pro

This is a nice tool which provides you with nice quality of life improvements for coders working with all types of mobile games.

Instead of coding platform dependent features for iOS and Google Play SDK, each platform minds things like Cloud Save, Achievements and Push Up notifications in a different way. You could always use precompiler directives in order to write dedicated scenarios for each platform but there is no need as long run maintenance is cheaper and less time consuming if you use this 3rd party plugin.

Unity Add On: Post processing stack v2

This is now standard since its provided by Unity itself, yet some people still choose not to use it. You can download it using the built-in Package Manager. PP Stack provides a processing visual layer thats executed on top of everything just before pixels are rendered on camera. The Stack handles all the effects in the most engine efficient way and is easy to customize and expand. 

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