Press Release

Monday, 9th December
Warsaw, Poland 

Cobble Games Sp.zoo (, in cooperation with Doyensec LLC (, has the pleasure to announce a joint game development project: H1.Jack

H1.Jack ( is a hacker themed mobile auto-battler game that gives you the intensity and rush of breaking into unknown computer networks. As the main character, you will travel between the real world and cyberspace to fight cyber threats. The main character will be able to gain fame points, earn money and buy new skills in order to fight increasingly stronger opponents and figure out the mystery of the black box.

Key features:

  • Mobile game auto-battler inspired by real-life hackers and information security stories
  • Procedurally generated battle levels and monsters to ensure unique missions
  • Live the life of a computer nerd and become a real hacker
  • Gain new techniques and exploits to fight increasingly stronger enemies    
  • Use web security, reverse engineering and crypto attacks to fight Advanced Persistent Threats

Follow the development of this project on our devLog, and our social network channels Twitter, Facebook.

The game will be released on iOS in Q1 2020. Other platforms will be supported in Q2 2020.

Press Contact: Krzysztof Orzedowski –

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