• H1.Jack Release Update

    17th Apr 2020 by

    Q1 2020 went by in a flash for both Cobble Games and Doyensec. Today, we would like to share some updates regarding the H1.Jack release date. We are currently at a stage where the game is completed and playable, but there’s still work to be done. The storyline has been finalized. All the features around… Read more

  • Life of a hacker

    27th Mar 2020 by

    Many people wonder what the life of a hacker looks like. Is a hacker a profession at all or maybe more of a passion? What do hackers do on a daily basis?  Despite what is being portrayed by Hollywood movies and computer games, the life of a professional hacker is far from 3d cybernetic structures… Read more

  • Call the Cavalry!

    6th Mar 2020 by

    Summary In today’s blog entry we are giving you a bit of insight into the developer’s workshop by showing you some of the tools and 3rd party plugins being used during H1Jack development inside the Unity engine. External tools and Applications Working with the Unity Engine gives you a lot of flexibility and opportunity to… Read more

  • CODE: Picking the right game engine

    17th Feb 2020 by

    Why did we choose Unity? Are there better options? The answer is really simple. We’ve been working with Unity since the very start of our company. The engine has its quirks and issues, but it’s really flexible in terms of multi platform deployment. Not to mention, it’s also free and has a large and dedicated… Read more

  • Blog post #2: Bug Bounties – cyber hunting for hackers

    10th Feb 2020 by

    We, the gamers, love to earn achievements on Xbox or trophies on PlayStation. We can spend many hours earning a particular achievement and chasing that sense of satisfaction. We do it because we want to prove our skillset and we obviously love to impress others. Best Example? The Mile High Club achievement in Call of… Read more

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